2003-11-13 22:06:15 ET

name some good video games? i need more?

2003-11-13 23:56:50 ET

Summoner: A goddess Reborn

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Simpsons Road Rage.

2003-11-14 00:22:45 ET

Mario cart !!
Also, Unreal Tornament.
What video game console are you needing good games for?

2003-11-14 03:12:14 ET

Age of Empires and all its descendants.

2003-11-14 07:40:49 ET

yeah depends what console

Final Fantasy X-2 comes out next week

2003-11-14 09:20:54 ET

umm ps2

2003-11-14 09:50:13 ET

castlevania: lament of innocence
tony hawk underground maybe?
soul caliber II
zone of the enders 2nd runner
prince of persia
dynasty warriors 4
sonic hereos (comes out january)

dunno the only games i'm getting myself from that list is definitly ffx-2 (already preordered) and probably castlevania, perhaps tony hawk just to goof around with.

2003-11-14 10:48:16 ET


i have dynasty warriors 4, it sort of gets old after a while...

i don't even have ffx and thats one of the reasons i bought the ps2....i guess i need to go get it now...

2003-11-14 11:00:33 ET

Get gran turismo !!

2003-11-14 11:16:57 ET


its only 20 bucks, ffx that is

wicked good game.

2003-11-14 21:30:46 ET

i play gran turismo 3 everyday...

i am the drift king...

2003-11-15 02:47:17 ET

I am the Wll Grind King =D - Gran Turismo!

2003-11-15 17:38:26 ET


2003-11-15 18:43:55 ET

yeah, halo is the only reason i know to buy an xbox

2003-11-15 18:45:47 ET

halo is fun. my boyfriend's friend got 12 guys and 3 xboxs in one room a couple days ago. i hear it was fun.

2003-11-15 19:09:49 ET

i have halo for PC

2003-11-15 19:17:35 ET


2003-11-15 20:33:08 ET


2003-11-16 17:07:08 ET

mmm hmm.

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