2003-12-17 21:45:53 ET

at first i was going to respond to a comment some where else here on SK.net where someone basically infers that our armed forces are a giant band of frat boys raping and pillaging iraq for pleasure....

this was the response>

yeah, i hope your not generalizing all marines as rapists because you don't like people in frats, that would be sort of...wrong..

"i have friends in the armed forces, and i wouldn't generalize them as rapist asshole frat boys, some of my friends who became marines have suffered serious psychological disorders from there duties.

i have a friend who was in the 101st airborne who can't even go out into the public with out being half drunk because he had to kill some one when he was in somalia, he suffers from panic attacks and severe depression...

please don't generalize our military like that, it shows a certain degree of ignorance

you don't have to like the situation, you don't have to agree with whats going on, you don't even have to support it in anyway, you can rally against it, you can try what ever it takes to stop it, but don't for one second believe that you understand the rationality of a solieder"

but whats the point, why should i confront this person, there will be no gain or benefit, these sort of thoughts have been upheld with in the dienfranchised youth since world war 1 most likely... a separation is created, by the persons ego, created by the horror of the idea's they have about war...this separation is a wedge they gladly build between them and the people who march into battle...

the hippies and the nam vets would best illustrate this, i have friends on both sides of this fence, i have a friend who is over there right now, i have had friends who had to go to somalia, kosvo, afganistan, and i don't look down upon them, you have to understand the trappings of our political structure, the baiting of college money, and the lower class to understand this...

i doubt very much some kid with goggles on their head, and a love for industrial music can understand what real hardcore is, social structure games played out by the cushioned and elite in dark clubs with music made by machines is not hardcore, hardcore is crying on the floor covered in alcoholic vomit because you had to shoot some one who was shooting at you 3 years ago, hardcore is giving up 6 years of your life to the military because you had no job skills, we're getting kicked out of your parents house, and thought you needed money for college...

2003-12-17 21:54:25 ET

I agree. It's very close minded and horrible for any person to go through.

2003-12-17 22:33:09 ET

yes, war is senseless, physical violence is a disgusting part of geo politic's, and as a humanist i find it a deplorable waste of humanity, i wish we could evolve past it, but until that is possible i would much rather see the use of extreme efficiency in combat, compared to religious overtoned manic outbursts...

so no i don't want war, but as far as a war machine is concerned, i would rather be a part of the american way, over the iraqi insurgent way...yes it might be numbing and anti emotions, but efficiency will leave more civilians alive...

2003-12-17 22:40:17 ET

Its not numbing or anti-emotions if more people live from it. But if people wern't so close minded now a days we would not have all the problems we face today.
War is senselees but somewehere is makes people feel better. I don't understand that.
Physical Violence is disgusting we see it everyday in movies games the news.
Not to be funny but why can't we all just get along?

2003-12-18 01:03:28 ET

its not the nature of life to live completely in the white, or the black...

2003-12-18 01:31:20 ET

ahh the beauty those shades of grey.

2003-12-21 05:27:08 ET

first of all:

The closest a civilian can probably come to understanding people's decision to join the service is to think of what it would be like to decide on an abortion, or to be responsible for that situation in some way.

it's a very personal matter.

it's a life/death matter that people easily fall on different sides of.

the political misuse of the service should be handled through the collective process of running a democracy, not through attacking individuals.

UNLESS the individuals do something wrong, as in the following story:


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