2004-02-23 11:06:29 ET

things people have said to me this week:

a street lamp burning alone, cares nothing for its brilliance

they say that two theives who meet in the dark need no introduction

so anyways i'm starting a new project that i thought some of you might be interested, i want to compile a list of subculturally minded individuals thoughts on different things...this all started when i did a livejournal meme that involved asking to be interviewed, and then having to answer those 5 questions....

well what i want to do is pick people out of all sorts of subcultures and ask them 5 to 10 questions involving the sort of things i am intersted in, mainly religion, spirituality, consciousness....

if your interested in sharing your opinions with my website audience drop me a line in one of various ways and i will get back with you...

2004-02-23 11:19:56 ET

I'll do it.

2004-02-23 12:16:56 ET

What if you don't really fit into a subculture???

2004-02-23 19:20:34 ET

you don't have to fit for me to wedge you in....

what i mean is, it completely doesn't matter...

2004-02-24 09:51:36 ET

I'm game

2004-02-24 12:19:36 ET

i'm working on the questions as i type this...well not AS i type this

2004-03-01 18:51:46 ET

i'd be interested in that

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