2004-09-06 08:08:40 ET

you have no idea what has happened in my life, because i didn't share it with any of you...

here's some art

ofcourse i appriecate any comments

2004-09-06 08:16:10 ET

those are all really awesome looking.
My favorite one is that girl in purple.
I like her hands/arm

It's rawkin

2004-09-06 08:17:41 ET

thanx, i like that one a lot too

2004-09-06 08:18:57 ET

I like that one above it as well... it just looks like a kool little b/w scene

2004-09-06 08:43:30 ET

useless information for the day, the top two were created with just photoshop (as in, just the tools), the bottom two were created in photoshop using stock images from photoshoots i had done earlier on...

2004-09-06 08:47:10 ET

well thats kool
they all look really kool

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