2002-07-19 05:42:02 ET

we're all moving so fast now, rushing, at break neck blinding blurring speed, rushing toward something so intangible, so unconfirmed that we don't even know if it exists. i feel like theres a current, a force moving me, keeping me in motion, pulling me along. i don't care where its taking me, i don't care what it pulls me past, i don't care where its leading, though i'm dragged along by it, i don't have to understand it, or pay attention to it, it'll exist with out my conscience acknowledgement,

2002-07-19 06:21:15 ET

can you describe that force in one word? it's very important

2002-07-19 06:32:14 ET

how important?

2002-07-19 06:33:41 ET

to me it is. there is a dream I've been having for very long now, and there something carries me away all the time.

2002-07-19 06:41:59 ET

well i was actually talking about TIME here...but...

2002-07-19 06:44:51 ET

time... hmmm... thanks.

2002-07-19 06:49:07 ET

your welcome...sorry it didn't have teeth or arms in which to carry things...but actually...it does kind of...

2002-07-19 06:52:22 ET

I always thought of time as a stream, where we all drift. the ones able to swim are geniouses. the ones standing on the shore and able to fly above the waters - gods.

something like that. don't know if it makes sense...

2002-07-19 06:53:51 ET



i agree...

2002-07-19 06:58:39 ET

whoah... I didn't have the patience to ead it all, but you seem to be expressing lots of the things I've come to see. I never studied any religion or phylosophy though. I just see things the way they come into my mind...

I feel like taking a marker and putting big Vs near those statements there. :)

2002-07-19 07:16:22 ET


yeah...i was extremely surprized all those months ago when i started to study zen, and buddhism...so much of it overlapped and expressed the exact same things i had been saying for years...maybe it has something to do with re-incarnation or something...although i believe that really its just true...real ...concrete....hmmm no word fits

2002-07-20 20:37:00 ET

probably the most realistiv approach to mysticism huh?

2002-07-21 01:59:38 ET

i wouldn't call zen mysticism at all...i would say its the opposite of mysticism...its the art of life in reality...mysticism in general is vague and unanswering...zen is a direct shot right to the heart of the matter...

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