2002-07-19 07:20:52 ET

i feel old because of subkultures.net...

seriously how come every journal i read is by people to young to drink or vote....

oh yeah stupid me, rebellion is for teenagers...

2002-07-19 07:23:36 ET

i feel the same way...

mentally i'm either 5 or 50...physically i think i'm like 16...but legally i just turned 21, even though legal drinking age where i live is 18 so 21 is no big deal, i feel old here too...



2002-07-19 07:27:58 ET

i'm only 22 here and everywhere i turn online and around town, the age of the "different" people seems to be dropping, or maybe its just staying constant and i'm getting older...yeah probably the latter...i hope i'm like SIS and some of the over 30's in here...(quiet you might wake them)...i hope i still got it when i'm their age...seems the counter culture herd gets thinner as you go up the age spectrum

2002-07-19 07:31:35 ET

as people age, grow...many get trapped in the vicious cycle of conformity...we all do on some level no matter how "different" or old we get...

it's an unescapable reality that we all deal with either conciously or the opposite...

as long as you know yourself and your mind, nothing can stop or contain you from being you.



2002-07-19 07:34:20 ET


2002-07-19 21:30:16 ET

alot of people over 18 i think are mentally un-fit to vote

2002-07-19 21:31:59 ET

let alone responsible enough to consume alcohol

2002-07-20 02:35:24 ET

welll...we're speaking about the populus in general...then i agree

2002-07-20 05:19:42 ET

I noticed the "age" thing too. I'm 24, but I play in a generic pop-punk band, and play to the local kids who range in ages of 14-19. Those guys are great and I feel like, and act like, I'm the same age. We all hang out, they support us, I stay young. Shit, I'm a 24 year old sophomore in college. I wouldn't change a thing though.

2002-07-20 11:43:35 ET


it just gets worse as you get older! I started noticing people getting younger when I was 25 - freaked me out the day I realized that (apologies here) 21 was very very young. And that was only a 4 year age difference!

Then again, there are some chronologically young folks here who are are much smarter, sassier, and mature than I ever was at any age. :-)

it gets tougher to stay true to oneself as we get older I think. a lot of pressure to settle down, dress "right," spawn, get a "real" job, etc.

::back to creaking::

2002-07-21 02:02:38 ET

*holds up his fist defiantly*

never...i will finish my sleeves (tatttoos) and then it'll be impossible to become normal...

2002-07-21 22:05:48 ET

Normality, rebellion, and the liking should never be based on age. What does age justify? Nothing.

2002-07-21 23:44:21 ET

i think if you examine it you will see the link between age and rebellion...sure the true spirit is not age determinable, but at a younger age those don't have the true spirit of the way might try it out ...i think that is the cause of attrition...to some select few it is truly not a choice but how they are...the rest will hold onto it as long as it interests them...is either way wrong...i don't think so...

2002-07-22 00:07:14 ET

yeah, it's a trip to watch people I knew in high school give up on their dreams and give away their righteous anger for some sort of imagined security. then again, some of them just. got. tired. and gave up. I gave it up for a few years while I played dutiful wife and daughter, but whatever it is that makes me want to break away from the herd wouldn't let me stay complacent for long. too many interesting people out there, too much to read, too much to learn.

2002-07-22 00:11:40 ET

cool cool...good for you

2002-07-22 00:16:06 ET

being able to be true to oneself while knowing how to not freak the normals is a skill worth perfecting. :^)

2002-07-27 05:37:00 ET

mox and I are older than you :P

2002-07-27 13:16:01 ET


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