Shooting things
2002-04-22 05:30:07 ET

i really enjoy shooting things over the internet...mostly other people...i buy video games where i get to do that then i search the net for downloads to make them more bloody, i just played Ghost Recon, then i played Counterstrike...but in real life i have no desire to ever own a gun...there's just something cathartic about hearing a shot go off and then seeing a head erupted into a cloud of blood...on the screen that is...

i actually once saw some one get shot in the was the single most disgusting/exciting moment in my life...i was 16 and a teenage run away (cue punk music) living on a friends floor (too poor to own a couch), in the worse part of downtown indy, (12th and illinois) where crack was sold openly and gun shots where mostly ignored...and two punk kids could get away with what ever they wanted to do... mostly not pay rent....

so anyways one night me and my punk rock yodda (the guy who shows you the ropes and buys you beer, all crusties have one) are walking back from the local liquer store (on 16th street back to 12th) and we hear this argueing coming from the end of an alley we have to cross through, so we run up to it and then stop by a dumpster...and look around the edge, this fat red neck in a wife beater is yelling at some skinny black guy (i don't even remember what about) just yelling and yelling and flipping him off (they were only a couple feet apart), when suddenly the black guys waves off the white guy and turns to walk away, as he's turning to walk away the white guy pulls up the front of his wife beater and grabs something and makes a punching motion toward the black guys head, and a loud pop goes off, real loud, and a flash of light jumps from the end of the gun and at the exact same time the black guys head erupts into a cloud of was so strange it just kind of hung in the air for a was like time slowed down...then the guy fell over and me and athrite...(that was my yodda's name) beat feet like mugs out of the alley...with out our beer...we came back later to get it but there were cops was still there two days later...(the beer)...

life is strange...i'd never want to repeat seeing that again...

except in video games...

oh well

2002-04-22 05:47:23 ET

" was so strange it just kind of hung in the air for a was like time slowed down..."

that is called 'tachypsychia', in violent encounters the mind often processes much faster than it would normally.

2002-04-22 06:07:42 ET




2002-04-23 05:49:32 ET

i never play video games

2002-04-25 00:55:04 ET

try getting shot at, much more fun, thou the adrenaline gets u sleepy after its all over

2002-04-25 00:55:15 ET

if u survive that is

2002-04-25 12:32:13 ET

i've been shot at...i grew up on the border of the white trash ghetto...shot at, stabbed, chased w/ bats, chucked bricks at....

all that neat stuff...i know the feeling that a knuckle makes when it breaks on face....*smiles*

now i choose to live in the black ghetto, its easier, they all think i worship satan or something and leave me alone...

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