2002-05-06 03:12:28 ET

another long weekend over with (3 12 shifts in 3 days), now to sit back and try to avoid thinking about anything...

2002-05-06 03:42:20 ET

eep. They're worse than Denny's. Slave Drivers, all of them.

2002-05-06 05:10:32 ET

yeah its a strange week end i get three days off though...

2002-05-06 05:25:47 ET

its hard to not think about nothing.

2002-05-06 05:27:06 ET

it's hard for you to think? how odd...

2002-05-06 05:32:41 ET


its hard for who to think...i'm lost...*laughs*

2002-05-06 05:37:25 ET

me too...?... i can think but its hard to think about nothing i can always think about something.

2002-05-06 05:42:27 ET

yeah very hard not to think about anything...very hard to clear it all off...

2002-05-07 17:12:49 ET

I was poking fun at Pokey's double negative... "It's NOT to think about nothing." heh, yeah. I'm a geek.

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