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2002-10-04 13:35:39 ET

i had a lot of very vivid dreams last night but one sticks in my mind the most...

i was a member of a group colonizing a planet, the group wanted to maintain a perfect balance with nature which severally reduced the amount of technologies that could be used and put heavy strain on the people in terms of work, i was eventually elected to the cirlce of elders and started a more tech friendly approach that was meet with a gambit of reactions, i tried to integrate technology in a way that was in keeping with the society but all of it seemed so...out of place....i started a fund that bought the first real tractor (a very strange looking object, i'll have to draw it out), and pushed for safer living quarters, more metals less woods, the dicotomy of advanced technology made avaible by traders (space traders), verse what we wanted was insane, i remember specifically a type of self powered glider, anyways all was good in mayberry or whatever the colony was called tell i woke up to use the restroom, now due to all my time lucid dreaming i have the ability to put things on...a sort of hold or pause, so i get up, barely pay attention to this reality, go to the bathroom and then slip back into bed, the last thing i can remember thinking before sleep hit was...those peacenik freaks, wouldn't it be funny if space pirates attacked....they have no defenses...well...think it...the dream opened up with a dramatic sequence of descending through space onto a planet images, i was in a ship, i was the pirate...i lit that commune the hell was great, i buzzed the little houses, i tore up the fields general havoc sort of thing....

but then i switched...the other one i was...the councilman.. and i saw the devastation and i saw the pirates, using there ships to open up the houses with these sort of claw attachments, and lifting out the children and stuffing them into these huge cartoon like (simple lines, curves) spacesuits, sort of bulbus white and tan with visors and some sort of fluid....anyways when i saw this, the character not me recongized that the children were going to be taken and raised inside of these things....and that they weren't pirates at all...but some weird hybrid race....whatever thats when i decided to wake up....and write this....

2002-10-04 20:34:08 ET


How come I can never remember my dreams in such vivid detail? It's usually fragments, diluted and jumbled in the groggy thoughts while trying to shut off the alarm and stumble into the shower. Usually things throuout (sp) my day, week, life seem to trigger faint memories and sometimes you can't tell if it was a dream or was is real? Lucid dreaming? No, I just have pretty bad insomina and have to take sleeping pills so I cannot have "real" dreams because my ass is either knocked out or awake and twitching. Hummm, there's that subject again. Insomnia.

The part about the children in the spacesuits is alomost Matrix-like where people are "grown" or "harvested". Do you write this stuff down other than on here? You should.

2002-10-05 03:01:57 ET

insomnia is a pretty common subject around me, and lucid dreaming....its a part of my life really, i taught/forced myself into having the ability to both remember my dreams, and interact and even change my dreams, anyone can do it, all it takes is effort...i think i have mentioned this before but i started with what is known as the alarm clock trick, or REM basically have to understand how long it takes you to slip into REM and then be jarred awake at that time, and keep doing that, night after night until you it sort beggin to sleep lucid instead of deep, it does ofcourse have its negative side affects, basically its what funneled my insanity issues, mainly a paranioa of being normal or a want and desire to be insane....but thats a totally different entry...

2002-10-05 03:06:45 ET

by the way...most people slip into rem after about 2 the alarm clock trick goes as an alarm clock that has about a ten minute snooze button on it...learn what time you fall into sleep after hitting the pillow, (takes me about 5 minutes now but when i started it was horrible like up to 30 minutes) then set the clock to go off 2 hours into it...when you wake up hit the snooze button, when it goes off, do it again, and again....keep hitting the snooze for the whole night...and the next, keep it up till your either a whacked out loon or the god of your own head, which is about the same....

2002-10-05 10:04:40 ET

So that's how people get so creative................

2002-10-05 12:08:11 ET

by being insane...yes...i think thats it

2002-10-05 14:02:52 ET

heh I'm border-line psycotic but in a quiet way so that would explain my lack of creativity. So does that mean that you are a raging psycopath? Reasons for that you seem very creative, in a smart kinda way. BTW I saw your tats on your girls page, what is the, i'm guessing japanese writing, mean?

2002-10-06 03:14:50 ET

funny how thats always the first question i get....what does the kanji mean...whats that that chinese?

its japanese but the definition is known to VERY few...i don't share....that often...

and to answer the other question...yes...i am a raging psychopath...okay not really but i really want to be one...

2002-10-06 11:34:43 ET

I was pretty sure it was Japanese, but dammit! Now i'm intruiged (sp?) oh well

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