2002-10-09 04:03:38 ET

the name of this file says it all


2002-10-09 19:59:32 ET

I know that I have said it before and I know that you are just gonna go:
but if I could write half as well as you do, I wouldn't need to be in school getting my GED.
That was a compliment by the way so you just as well take it and run.

2002-10-10 03:38:47 ET

*takes it and runs*


i probably should have spell checked that...but as it was i just sat down let out the words then put it up on the website....

my website is more an exploration of my thoughts than any sort of finished refined object....

and thank you...i get happy everytime some one tells me they've read my stuff...even if they hate it...i just want to express...good or bad just express...

2002-10-12 00:35:18 ET

I feel that and you are welcome, anytime. I actually started writing again lately.... it's starting to begin in my mind as a book I think. Great way to ease my frustrations....... ahhhhhhh

2002-10-12 01:58:18 ET


cool....very cool...you need to put some of it up...i want to read it

2002-10-14 13:39:01 ET

Check my page..... I'm going to do it right now but keep in mind it is still very crude and unrevised. A real work in progress.....

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