off handed brush strokes....
2002-10-16 07:23:41 ET

i have to use photoshop every couple of days at the least, sometimes i force myself to make something to just explore whats floating in my mind...

2002-10-20 20:10:34 ET

I do like the eye, the blue is calming and yet it kinda gives me an odd "watchful" vibe although .... I like the one of your grrl, the 2nd version better I have to say. So easy when you have such a good model isn't it?

2002-10-21 03:05:29 ET

definately...but i like to think i have a little bit of skill too...

2002-10-21 12:38:59 ET

Oh I guess you might have SOME part in it..... cocky little bastard are we??? *giggles*

Yah you are good, you know it. 'Nuff said.

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