2002-05-16 21:03:45 ET

do men get sympathetic PMS after living with a grrl long enough....

i think so...you?

2002-05-16 21:07:03 ET

no they don't, they just get tired of the girl being bitchy so they become bitchy... it's more of an osmosis thing.

2002-05-16 21:15:14 ET

hey not all girls are bitchy :|

2002-05-16 21:48:48 ET

no, women get bitchy by blaming it men, and their hormones and the moon!
its really just because we get pissed of with stupidity quicklt, but you're so easy to fool we've been doing it for YEARS!!! YEARS!!! mwha ha ha ha

2002-05-16 21:54:44 ET

hmm....no idea...but everytime the grrl asks for "double triple chocolate coated chocolate" ice cream i start to get all moody and angery....

the world has been pissing me off in general recently though...

2002-05-16 21:57:10 ET

i hate chocolate, and i dont PMS. im always whiny and bitchy. i think its a self-defense thing.
double triple chocolate coated chocolate sounds like it might get stuck in your throat and give you gross phlegm or however you spell it

2002-05-16 22:00:38 ET


yeah it was a umm gross exaggration or however you spell it...

ever get so bored you wanted to cut off your own finger...i'm thinking ring finger left hand...only really use it to press "a"

2002-05-16 22:09:30 ET

nah, its been done. pierce your tonsils or shave off all your eyelashes
or hell, if youre a REAL rebel, do both!

2002-05-16 22:12:19 ET

i have a friend who shaves off his eyebrow's all the time, fun dj friend...he's married now, never thought that would happen...

i don't really want to cut off my finger as a fashion statement more just to see what its like to lose a finger...me and johnny walker will talk this one over for a bit...

i used to not drink...or smoke pot...what ever happened to me...

2002-05-17 06:36:52 ET

pansy. ANYONE can shave their eyebrows, i said eyeLASHES...so..
yeah he he he im done

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