2002-12-01 17:15:57 ET

sometimes i seriously doubt my own mental health...

like when i hear voices...i don't think i have ever had a voice talk to me directly...well at least not a hallucinatory voice...but sometimes when i'm all alone i can hear other voices ...as if some one was in the room with me, just babbling, and the weirdest exprience was hearing two voices arguing as if they were in my living room with me, but the apartment was empty....and it wasn't like a muffled sort of thing it was as if two people i couldn't see were a couple feet away from me ....

and i see things too...usually in shadows or around shadows...
and at night...all sorts of things...anyone else have anything like this happening to them??

2002-12-02 13:01:45 ET

ALL the time, mostly the seeing things. I was told by an elder once ,that if you see things around corners or at the corner of your eye and its not there when you relly look, well it supposed to be a real thing like a spirit and its not mind tricks but something there.

2002-12-02 15:24:11 ET

I used to hear voices when I was younger and I thought they were coming from a television, but they were not coming from anything. The voice thing faded away gradually.

As far as seeing strange things go, one night, I kept seeing moving objects out of the corner of my eye whilst I was on the computer in another room--both rooms were dark, curtains closed, etc.

I do not believe in spirits or ghosts so I shook it off, but I ran quickly to my bedroom when sleepy time came around.

2002-12-02 21:16:44 ET

yeah when i was a kid i was always hearing people talking in my room when i was asleep like they were sitting at the end of my bed...it was strange...and then when i was about to fall asleep i would feel like my bed was floating and being held aloft by things (i would say demons when i was younger) and then suddenly the bed would feel like it was being spun and flipped and rotated randomly in all directions...it still scares me sometimes to think about it...i used to think what ever they were were trying to throw me into the black void in my eyes...cuz i was to afraid to open them....

wow thats way back ...i think i was 5 or 6....strange....*shrugs*

2002-12-03 07:24:27 ET

WOW you must have and still make an interestibg son!
Try talking to them next time, I still think it is something and not nothing.
Most will not admit it but many have gone through something similar.
I personally like seeing things out the corner of my eye.
Especially when I am alone at night and somewhere secluded.

2002-12-03 10:05:18 ET

talk to the voices in my head....huh...i guess that can't hurt...

2002-12-03 12:30:18 ET

hmmmmmm awwwwwwwwwww the voices in your head!!! So you do know they are in your head then?

2002-12-03 15:57:01 ET

well ....if theres no one in the room where else would they be coming from...

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