2002-05-20 20:36:15 ET

good god am i bored....drinking again...neat maybe i'll get to be an alcoholic after all

ICQ me 41007534

2002-05-20 20:44:08 ET

junkie bum junk

2002-05-20 20:47:55 ET

drinking is good.

2002-05-20 20:50:48 ET

yes it is....i'm drinking manhattans...yum

2002-05-20 20:52:23 ET

and listening to a tribe called quest

2002-05-20 20:53:02 ET

sounds like tons of fun.

im bored. not drinking.

2002-05-20 21:05:28 ET

is there on e person on subkultures who isn't bored?

2002-05-20 21:07:33 ET

im not bored!! ive got nipps
to talk about!!

2002-05-20 21:22:05 ET

not sure...is there....besides hi mom

2002-05-20 21:23:32 ET

without boredom, I don't think subkultures would even exist

2002-05-20 21:30:05 ET

so very true...oh yeah and the internet....what did people do before the internet...oh yeah hang out under bridge abuntments

2002-05-21 06:28:33 ET

lol, stupid...they went to friend houses

2002-05-21 12:59:20 ET

whats a friends?

2002-05-21 18:38:22 ET

uh..the friends...that they had...

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