2003-01-07 22:05:43 ET

what type of life our we counter culture ites living...what do we live for....god if you surf the web the over whelming sense you get is that we're all out to pose for an interesting picture or two...and worse theres the people like me who change a few colors move a few things around and call it art...BAH...spit on that...

what do we really do...we don't vote ...we're barely political...we sit around and listen to music no one barely knows about...so what if we're a couple years ahead of the curve...its bound to catch up to us soon enough...just like it has now...we're we get 18 yr old "rock" stars like averil la-whatthefuckever who can't even pronounce david bowies name....i mean want are we...what do we do that is so damn fucking interesting...not much to the rest of the world...if you can even cause a stir in public anymore its more likely your fly is open not your two foot liberty spikes....and what do those two foot liberty spikes do for you anyways....

i'm getting so jaded it hurts....when i overhear kids not even old enough to drink arguing over whats punk...it reminds me of when i did it...which reminds me of when people in the 80's did it...its a big fucking circle we're so busy smoking pot and drinking and what not we can't even be bothered to notice that the old fucks are destroying our country and getting jazzed up over shooting middle eastern people again...a fucking gain...christ why do we ...the alienated thinking class of america stand by and let this happen...cause of what...because of AFI and RANCIDS new album because of pot and 40 oz's and being poor...because what...because we're so damn apathetic we can't be bothered...we have infighting to perform and cliques to regroup...fuck my generation....

sometimes i feel like a loose collections of interests on a myriad of subjects held together by one body...what is there for us to hope for...enlightenment...bliss, understanding, education, knowledge freedom what...what...no were damn happy when we hear about the fast food places going at each other with price wars again...fucking christ...do the research most of these conglumerates have there hands so far into each others buisness that they could be the same damn entity...some are

where the fuck is this going...time to shut up...

2003-01-07 22:42:44 ET

whoa...that was incredibly powerful.
it is a shame that many of these things happen, like the fact that no one becomes involved in politics in any form. i'm not saying i am. i ignore the news because, for some reason, i've bought into the idea that no news is good news.
and all the underaged drinking and smoking...it's just insane. there has to be something better to do with your time.
i am glad that i've run across this in my wanderings. sure, sometimes the typos confused me, but i figured them out quickly and was impressed.


2003-01-08 11:05:33 ET

when i rant, i let it spill out, grammar shouldn't get in the way of what i have to say....unfortunately i never want to revise it, and i always end up just posting it in raw form...thanx for your response...next time i'll try to re-read it and make it make sense...*LOL*

2003-01-08 18:25:03 ET

dude, it was only a sentence. i felt it, man. your words are true.

2003-01-13 13:54:42 ET

Peter, I think you put into words what a lot of people are feeling right now. Well, maybe not a lot of people but I know at least myself as one of them. Sadly, I find myself doing the same thing; I trash people who in my standards are not "punk enough". Why do I do it?, I just end up feeling sick to my stomach when I'm through. Kids out there who claim to be so "hardcore" because their parents don't give a fuck and let them dye their hair or take them to go get their bellybuttons and labrets pierced. Kids who think the center of the fucking universe is their music, you know, the music MTV tells them to listen to. I can't stand the fact that when I was their age, and it wasn't that long ago, I would have killed to have thir nice houses, the cars that mommy and daddy buy them, but nooooo. I ended up on my own at 13 living at squatter houses, in and out of school, and nobody gave a fuck. Does that make me hardcore too? Oooh, I'm special.
There is some crazy shit going on out there today and sadly I'm not too sure what I can do about it. Our generation doesn't care, and never will.
I may care, but I feel that there is no hope. Does my vote really make that big of difference? When the people said Don't go to war on Iraq, did the president listen? I'm scared to think what it will be in 20 years when we are the voting adults and none of us will. You can say things over and over to the kids of today, to us, to anybody, but nobody gives a fuck about tomorrow. We are the invincible U S of A dammit, who gives a fuck who our dumb ass president is, who gives a shit what decisions are made around here, my mommy gave me $200 for my new tattoo of a scull and crossbones so fuck tomorrow.

Sorry for this in advance Peter. I'm sure my rant won't come as too much of a surprise to you though. The feelings mutual.

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