2002-05-26 12:15:52 ET

on friday i did shrooms, and watched army of darknesss,

don't ever do that its a horrible idea *L* i believe my brain is permanetly scarred now...

2002-05-26 14:05:47 ET

army of darkness is one of the greatest, if not the best, fucking movie ever made. i never tried shrooms. are they any good?

2002-05-26 23:27:07 ET

hmmm any good...well its like LSD only more organic...intense but easier to sleep off, sometimes LSD will get you stuck in repettive loops and make it impossible to sleep for up to 12 hours after taking it, but shrooms is more....soft...on the mind...

2002-05-27 06:20:50 ET

hum...i just might have to try them.

2002-05-27 13:52:46 ET

I smoked some pot today. It was fun. I like the laughter. I also really love the feeling of wanting to be naked. Everytime I smoke pot, I get the sudden urge to take off all of my clothing. Too bad I was in a public place with 2people who hadn't smoked any.

2002-05-27 14:33:59 ET

weed is fun.

2002-05-27 14:40:12 ET

yea, it is.

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