my subkulture is bulls!@#
2003-01-30 22:02:39 ET

So the question is....

Do you think Tim Armstrong or any of the other punk icons are going to speak up and start talking some shit about this latest war....or will they just form up and go on another warped tour....

heres to 40 Oh-Zee's and thoughtlessness....

2003-01-30 22:07:14 ET

heh. I think that question is answered easily. The main word there being icon. I am sure they have personal views which they may or may not share openly. However, I do think that an issue such as war may be ignored when things are brought to public attention. Because they want to assure the sale of albums and they try not to mix politics and art. Which in my eyes is the most ridiculous thing. Most of my art is political and blatently offensive to most hardcore americans. Alas, some people rather sale albums instead of standing their ground.

I personally have little knowledge on Tim Armstrongs view in life. I enjoy his music. What I have heard. I do not listen to it rightously though.

2003-01-30 22:12:36 ET

all you need to know about tim armstrong can be found by buying an operation ivy album and then comparing it to what rancid puts out now....

i don't know if this was fired off at people like us...i think its more of a general burst of rock salt spit out at those who couldn't come up with the understanding you have....*nods*

2003-01-30 22:14:09 ET


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