2003-02-01 21:29:48 ET

how the illusions work

media creates Fear ( TV News, Headlines, The Columbia, Terrorists, WTC )

Marketing = comfort ( commercials showing products claiming falsely to create happiness, to fill in a void created by fear )

comfort from consuming = false ( The Fear was created and imagined the product is not an actual solution for this )

Falseness = uncertainty, paranioa, worrys, woes, uneasiness, restlessness, desires for a state unachievable, SUFFERING

SUFFERING = escapism

Escapism = Media

Breaking the Cycle,

Ego = greed, desire, fear of impermance/death

reduce the ego, eradicate the fear....

2003-02-03 20:25:51 ET

fuck it, just shoot them all
License to kill and all that shit.

If you could change one person could you change the world?

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