2003-02-05 13:32:58 ET

i'm comtemplating a big project that i want to take on but i need help with it...basically i want to make a comic book with my art but i'm totally lacking in ideas for plot and so forth, i have the concept just none of the plot or character idea's...

once a plot is set up i can sketch out some story boards, and then go take the photos and do what i do... so if your strange enough and you want to collaborate with me, and can see it through...i need an author or at least co-author...

2003-02-05 14:15:39 ET

I wrote a few pages once for a comic book based on the goth/industrial scene. But my roommate, who is a great comic-book type artist, is slacking on it, and she won't draw it. There's a lot of such comic books floating around though -

2003-02-05 20:55:28 ET

So are you looking for a funny ha-ha comic, political, dark, superhero... blah, blah, blah What's your thought?
You know I write, maybe not the best, but I'm always looking for new things to do, creative outlet, whatever.

2003-02-06 05:47:43 ET

thats just it...i don't have any idea where i want to take it...but it will have to jive with the type of art i create...*shrugs*

2003-02-08 12:29:11 ET

Ahhh, you are no help. Would you call yourself versitile in your art? Is there certain styles your perfer more than others?

2003-02-08 14:12:13 ET

i'm more than anything exploratory....i like to follow paths...when i take an image they just either immedately suggest what they become or they sit on the hardrive until a time when they do...sometimes i know as soon as i've taken an image what i'm going to do with it...sometimes i find something that sparks itself when i'm going through my folders of digital photos....

by exploratory i mean that i like to explore avenues until it goes no farther...or evolves...most of my stuff can be traced to another piece that had a certain aspect of the newer one already in it just not defined....


and compare to

to me the latter is just an evolution of the first...the fixture on the chest the hinted lines...so really i guess i'm still proceeding through the first hurdle any artist faces, developing there own unique style....my art is not very verstitile in that end...i do a lot of figure/potrait manipulating and i focus on the realm of life i find most interesting...the combination of life and technology and science fiction....i try to create images that look like glimpses at our future... its kind of utopian in its regards... there really in no clashing in my images i tend to present a serene and peaceful moment more than anything else..

*LOL* does any of that make sense...kind of a i guess...

2003-02-08 14:25:51 ET

you should do a comic book rendition of a cyberpunk novel

2003-02-08 16:31:25 ET

thats what i was hoping for....know anyone who writes cyberpunk...

2003-02-08 16:34:12 ET

lol i'd like to see that

2003-02-08 16:39:06 ET

just adapt an already existing novel, silly

2003-02-08 16:56:35 ET

i guess i could do that...i just really want to work some one else on a project...

2003-02-09 01:39:56 ET

You need a main character.....
do you like johnen vasquez or roman dirge's work at all?

2003-02-09 13:49:18 ET

johnen is funny...i don't know if i know roman dirges work at all...i'm horrible with names

2003-02-10 16:24:27 ET

Roman you can find on spookyland.com check with Sinthetik1, she's his biggest fan tattoos and everything.

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