2003-02-24 23:48:23 ET

2003-02-25 18:01:38 ET

Finally, one of yourself and it actually shows your face! The blue is a nice change from the usual purple and reds.

2003-02-26 14:00:48 ET

yeah i like blue....not a lot of my face but its there...every once in awhile i have to make a self portrait....i try to keep them rare though...i'm no model...

2003-02-27 20:50:21 ET

pish-posh I think you's make a fine model. Everyone is their own worst critic.

2003-02-28 20:20:49 ET

ha....remember i'm a master of photoshop...*LOL*...

2003-03-01 10:55:48 ET

*bows down to the master*

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