2002-06-01 05:28:01 ET

money...the destroyer of ideals...why is it that every cultural shift we have enjoyed since the dawn of the teenagers as an independant source of thought (i think this happened some time around the 1910s to 1920s, after the industrial revolution) has suffered or been defeated due to the use of money...think about it, the beat generation, ha they were toppled with proffesorships and publishing hand outs, brought into the fold and calmed down...what about the greasers, they were all mostly teen age rebels due to lack of cash, it was kind of an economically assumed position at the time...and they chased money like everyone else from there generation, hop skip to the hippys, fuck that they got some shit done...then they turned into these good earth health food coporations and ben and jerrys and blah blah blah...but much'll never see a two hundred thousand punks rally together under the washington monunment....then came punks, then came major label deals, then the loss of them, do you all get my point, why is it that we as whatever we are, let are ideals get pushed aside to make money...

oh yeah and just cuz you listen to rancid doesn't make you punk it just means you haven't found operation ivy yet

2002-06-01 06:51:34 ET

Well yeah. But this doesn't only appy to youth culture. It can apply to anything. Just like US Federalism/Democracy- when it was founded, it was a beautiful and idealistic form of government... and then powercravings came, so the most important thing was then.... yup! Money. And now look at it.

2002-06-01 07:08:35 ET


2002-06-01 09:03:34 ET

are we even a democaracy...where more of a corporacy...ruled by the corporations

2002-06-01 09:14:11 ET

Yes. But we were once a democracy.

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