2003-03-09 19:41:03 ET

its getting to the point where i can't turn on the television with out wanting to throw up... i am pretty damn sure that there are multiple realities out there due to my psychotropic expriences, i've also at times felt that A. i was being "watched" and B. jumping between them to avoid potentially deadly situations (like falling asleep at the wheel only to wake up 10 miles down the highway with out having veered off or anything) its a hard thing to descripe and its most likely some sort of toxic schitzophrenia hallucination/derangement...well today i had a suddenly realization...i've jumped into some reality that closely mirrors that one i'm from, except that all of human kind is now EXTREMELY FUCKING STUPID!!!!!

i mean a republican president, a deja vu war on the same damn country as his daddy, all the liberals losing there spines....this has got the makings of one strange ass trip...lucky enough for me, acid magically appears on the market when ever america goes to war....hopefully i can catch a ride home....

2003-03-09 20:07:07 ET

there's a reality where people aren't extremely fucking stupid? where???

2003-03-09 20:08:22 ET

i really wouldn't mind if i fully believed the above statements as factually true....i think the saddest thing about that statement is that is sarcastic....if only it was real...god i want to be insane, i wish i could drive myself mad, i feel i'm half there already, living in this constant battle of ego/elitism vrs. deconstructing ego....its mindlessly circular, have the time i see some one i want them to die the other half the time i wish desparately that i could illumenate them....ARGH!!!

2003-03-09 20:10:14 ET

i have grown such a well guarded theory on life, its impossible to disassemble, and i can't stop applying it to everything i see, but on the other hand i hate assumptions and the act of creating beliefs and views....

2003-03-09 20:11:33 ET

every entry i've read by you (two) have been really meaningful. are you always this thoughtful?

2003-03-09 20:12:31 ET

i don't talk unless i have something to say...

2003-03-09 20:14:12 ET

makes sense. to others.

me, i blabber about anything.

i find it hard to comment on your stuff sometimes because i'm like, i know what he's saying, but how do i respond? but at least you're getting people to see things differently.

2003-03-09 20:17:32 ET

thanx...sometimes i feel like i'm just rehashing the same thoughts over and over again...

2003-03-09 20:18:28 ET

that could very well be.

me, i make meaningless posts, then just build on them later.

2003-03-09 20:26:00 ET

i guess this post is meaningless, i'm not really trying to do anything but express agitation and thats basically meaningless...although it can lead to interesting places, its more the act of expending the energy that gets things moving, not the banter....

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