2003-04-26 07:57:05 ET

2003-04-27 19:01:55 ET

So a bird, an octopus and another one to add to the saying that eyeballs are so fun they belong on everything? *giggles*

I missed your art.

I actually saw something a few weeks ago in a gallery in downtown Portland that reminded me of you. A painting/collage type with the focal of a hand with an eye in the center and some kanji on it as well. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was you.

2003-04-28 14:08:11 ET

yeah, i have been in a bit of a slump..thats my first in weeks...hopefully i'll break through it soon....

strange, i guess i'm just one of a large group of people who like to put eyeballs on things

has anyone ever read that french erotica short story about the girl with the sexual fascination with eye's....i think it was called the story of eye or something like that...its good...you should check it out...i think thats the one where they fuck a dead nun...

2003-05-01 09:40:34 ET

looks like a beholder?

2003-05-03 12:51:41 ET

An eye fetish and fucking a dead nun? What could get better?

2003-05-03 18:07:42 ET

its either a dead nun or a dead priest i'm not sure...

2003-05-05 17:50:05 ET

reminds me of a movie Sinobyte had me watch except the nuns were fucking each other. lol

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