2002-06-09 07:34:21 ET

friday, went to bars downtown, drank whiskey sours all night didn't get drunk, started at a club called lotus, its like wanna be japanese stylized, a close reproduction of what hollywood would make if they were trying to jock off japanese clubs...down to the large happy buddha by the wall water fall and so forth, i found it lacking any sort of austere design qualities and the rooms where set up horribly, no flow...oh well this is the midwest what am i expecting....

saturday, do photoshoot for band 3rd estate, almost run out of juice again, then later on go shopping for another battery...didn't find one....hate life...might have to order a 60 dollar replacement from fuji film....argh!!!

sunday, not sure yet aynies got to work again so i am yet again left to fend for myself, might watch the collectors edition of mallrats that i bought, or call my dad up and chill with him....he needs me to annoy him once a week or he would spend all his time in his studio writing music and never leave the house (aynie thinks i would do this with my art)....

2002-06-09 08:16:57 ET

sounds like too much fun..heh.

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