2003-05-18 21:45:53 ET

i'm bored...anyone have any interesting pictures i can play with...?

2003-05-18 21:46:16 ET


you can do any one on my sk page.

2003-05-18 22:19:42 ET

What would constitute "intersting" pictures in your opinion?

2003-05-18 22:27:38 ET

interesting...ummm anything that is at least 640 by 480 and more than a head shot

2003-05-18 22:33:57 ET

hmmm....without some major digging through my box-o-pictures I'm afraid I don't have anything to match that.:(

2003-05-18 22:40:22 ET

yeah its the internet....the majority of us don't want to be any more than a headshot...let the rest be a mystery...i'm no different...

2003-05-18 23:12:14 ET

Can you make me look darker in a picture?

2003-05-18 23:45:15 ET

*L* like?

2003-05-18 23:47:27 ET

Like...I am damn white and the flash reflects off me..haha......and I would like to see my face in pictures...

2003-05-18 23:59:25 ET

sure here's what you do...either aim your flash up to reflect off the ceilling when shooting, or tape a piece of paper over the flash...white paper...it'll dampen up your flash...if i did anything to darken your skin tone it wouldn't look right since the washed out glare basically takes away all pixel data, your features would look just as flat just with a darker skin tone...

seriously try the paper trick...or hold up something thick like a credit card over the bottom half of the flash and then take the shot...unless you know how to adjust the white balance of your camera....then i would just do that....or god forbid....you could take a shot outside with out a flash in the *gulp* sun...

2003-05-19 00:01:02 ET

haha.......I would burn until there was nothing left.

2003-05-19 00:01:33 ET

then you'll have to use the paper trick

2003-05-19 00:02:46 ET

you could also try not getting so close to the camera...with a point and shoot you have to basically use the arm distance rule...anything white or pale shot within your arms distance will wash out....

2003-05-19 00:20:45 ET

Alright...i'll try the paper trick....thanks..:)

2003-05-19 00:25:48 ET

no problem, and ah....good luck....not looking so pale...

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