2003-05-19 13:54:14 ET

i found a cathartic expressive way of working out my depression/angst/funk....

there is just something soothing about listening to PUNK music as loud as possible and kicking random shit all over your apartment...

tonight i think i'm going to try and get into a screaming match with a complete stranger...

2003-05-19 14:20:02 ET

damn that sounds good. Maybe I ought to try that too.

2003-05-25 13:20:04 ET

feels good huh? get drunk and go to a local gig, that way you can kick the shit around someone elses backyard.

2003-05-25 16:23:24 ET

i don't drink enough to get drunk really...not my uhhhh bag i guess you could say...

2003-05-25 17:11:30 ET

bag? lol hehe. i don't drink alot either. i've never been drunk before. the whole vomiting thing is gross.

2003-05-25 17:26:58 ET

can't say i've never been drunk before...but i stopped when i was underage...the whole vomitting thing is definately gross

2003-05-25 17:43:16 ET

i want to say i've grown up and all, but i never had much fun in my 'teen years' (technically im still a teen but whatever)and i feel like i better dye my hair purple and go all crazy before i turn into an old fogey. or before i leave to college and have to be serious about my studies/career/ etc. i hate being serious. i'm too serious! no fun..

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