2003-05-27 21:25:34 ET

where's the intellectual conversation at?

2003-05-27 21:27:32 ET

nowhere to be found, as usual. i was hoping you were bringing it again. that's why i clicked.

2003-05-27 21:27:33 ET

out for lunch

2003-05-27 21:28:47 ET

i don't know what to talk about....i'm at a loss...kind of scary really

2003-05-27 21:29:29 ET

i have no questions to get this started.

2003-05-27 21:29:55 ET

how about andy kaufman? what are your thoughts on him?

2003-05-27 21:32:44 ET

weird sells....but he got off on it too...

2003-05-27 21:40:58 ET

that answer was probably too short wasn't it...hmm shit...well i only know what i saw on tv about andy i never really seriously investigated his life or anything...so i kind of dead ended that one...

2003-05-27 21:41:58 ET

ah, i've been a fan of him ever since i started watching taxi reruns

2003-05-27 21:46:06 ET

yeah i saw him a couple times on that...

why are you a fan...what is it that makes you...enjoy what he did...

2003-05-27 21:50:48 ET

i like to try and irritate people in really subtle fashions, if that explains why i relate to his humour

2003-05-27 21:54:31 ET

yeah... i can understand that quite well...

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