2003-06-05 22:49:46 ET

its called insomnia...and its f#$%ed up...

2003-06-06 02:51:39 ET

I'm sorry ;-)

2003-06-06 08:35:53 ET


2 hours of sleep in the last 29....

2003-06-06 22:09:28 ET

ugh, I hate times like that. My doc gave me something to help "turn my brain off" it's called Depakote. I have trouble sleeping and they say it's either Anxiety or Bi-polar and whatever it is the Depakote doesnt make me sleepy, but it stops the rambeling in my brain.
Do you ever take sleeping pills or anything to help?

2003-06-07 07:27:07 ET

does smoking ...stuff... count?

2003-06-07 12:44:37 ET

um.... it might. In my case if I smoke my choice of smoke I CANT sleep. Everyone else I know that smokes passes out into a deep comatose sleep after eating massive amounts of junk food. My brain just gets more active and makes it worse. Dare I ask what the smoke is?

2003-06-07 19:05:58 ET

what...I...smoke...is called frop....*LOL*

2003-06-08 17:29:05 ET

*thinks real hard and makes her head hurt*

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