2003-07-02 19:21:24 ET

alright i do this every once and a while, and well my capacity to create art out of stock images has surpasses my ability to make my camera spit out stock photos soo...

if you have a pic you want/or think i would enjoy editting please send it over, i'm officially bored out of my skull...

preferable pictures are over 640 by 480 and have more of you in it than a head and two shoulders....

2003-07-02 21:48:12 ET

My stock account, all high res and lots of things in it, head shots body shots textures tubes coils glass ect ect....

2003-07-02 21:52:51 ET

don't you hate how slow deviantart can be

2003-07-02 21:56:47 ET

They are having a problem right now with switching servers, I guess when all is done it's going to be moving faster. But yeah right now it's like o_O

2003-07-02 22:00:42 ET

you make great stock....

2003-07-02 22:03:33 ET

Why thank you very much :D

2003-07-02 22:06:48 ET

i'll feeling that green goo one...it has potential...

i would jump on it right now but i'm writing...strangely enough...

2003-07-02 22:08:41 ET

haha I have some of those goo ones that i messed with a bit, they came out pretty fun :)
What are you writing?

2003-07-02 22:12:01 ET

some cyberpunk/space thing...want to read...here


2003-07-02 22:13:36 ET

ahhh cool, gonna bookmark that, brain is in mindless babble mode at the moment ;)

2003-07-02 22:24:40 ET

its that time of night

2003-07-02 22:26:44 ET

yes it is, and I am dinking around making wallpaper :D

2003-07-02 22:33:53 ET

i'm still writing...
its just falling out of my hands...
this never happens...or rarely...i feel like i'm reading some one elses life...

how neat...

2003-07-02 22:38:28 ET

Very cool, read a bit of the start, looking good so far :)

2003-07-02 22:44:40 ET

i never know how there going to end...i think thats why it feels like i'm reading it and not writing it...

2003-07-02 22:47:35 ET

Well keep writing then, sounds like you are on a roll :D

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