2007-11-03 05:39:19 ET

2007-11-01 19:12:01 ET

When I see the great black light
That shines in the eyes of animals
When I find you I will remind you
Most accidents occur at home

2007-10-31 17:01:08 ET

Halloween was pretty boring.

2007-10-29 16:55:15 ET

On the Eve of the Apocalypse - (the air choked with horsehair)
The Four Horsemen betray their steeds - slitting open the animal throats - And in doing so release the Second Great Deluge - Horsegore - Infinite Divisibles Split - An Infinity of Open Sewers -
The Four then fashion an immense earthmoving device from the collective jawbones - The Horse Rotorvator - with which to plough up the waiting world
(ROTA turns through 180 to TARO) - wheels replace horses -
Dark Horses Run - Dark Horses Run Deep - and Hell is paved with horseflesh...
(we plough the fields and scatter Our Dead Steeds on the land)".

2007-10-28 20:17:36 ET


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