noddy head
2007-10-13 20:01:03 ET

This image summarizes my music listening habits.

2007-10-13 20:23:29 ET

Whta teh fuck.

2007-10-13 20:28:38 ET


2007-10-13 21:47:56 ET

I've seen this before, on another website!

Rose McDowall, Tony Wakeford, Noddy (David Tibet), Douglas Pearce, Steven Stapleton, Jhonn Balance.

With special guests: Elephant playing a horn, Jester Butt-fucking a Rolly-polly person, Bear jerking off, and Monkey picking poo from his bum...

2007-10-16 01:25:00 ET

Dammit! Beaten to the list!

2007-10-25 19:55:09 ET

I like the wolfsengle music note,but Boyd should be in the pic.

2007-10-25 20:02:15 ET

Boyd wasn't too involved with Current 93 at any point, he mostly appeared briefly in a few releases. The rest played a more prominent role within, or at least when this image was made.

2007-10-26 09:46:14 ET

Boyd is more closely linked to Douglas Pearce than he is with David Tibet.

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