christ's mass / winterly cards
2007-12-20 16:58:26 ET

So, I have this design here. It's a bit pixely upon printing, and the paper does curve a little due to the ink, but I still rather like it. I haven't decided on what to do for the inside. Perhaps just write stuff in, as opposed to printing a phrase which I am undecided on. Maybe glue in some xerox of something. You wouldn't be able to really stand it up without it falling, being that it's in landscape. Would anyone be interested in receiving one? It's far too late for these to be received before Christmas, but the card is more winterly than anything anyways.

PM me your address if you'd like.

2007-12-20 17:02:01 ET

I feel like I already sent you my address, did I?

2007-12-20 17:06:30 ET

Oh, yes actually.

this is nowhere near christmas goat though :<

2007-12-20 17:31:55 ET


2007-12-20 18:33:34 ET

Oooooo.... *ponder*

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