2008-02-09 22:52:51 ET

If for some unknown reason I end up doing a show with a power electronics/noise/dark ambient/etc band, I will do the opposite of what they do. If for whatever reason they use projections of Holocaust footage or blender accidents, I will use images of goats running around in green fields. Dead people on the flyer? People wearing beekeeper's suits sounds better. Screaming about violence? I'll have a nice discussion on squids and seahorses.

I would wear an argyle sweater the whole time.

2008-02-10 01:24:16 ET

Sounds glorious.

2008-02-12 18:42:14 ET

i think this should happen. if i found you a band would you be interested? because this idea is amazing and i can see it in my head when i close my eyes.

/i want this to be reeealll.

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