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2008-02-16 22:30:08 ET

a watercolor painting I worked on earlier today
I made an edit to it later in photoshop, just to remove a terrible line near the nose
strongly influenced by the work of Ruby Wallis as it appears on the album Salt Marie Celeste by Nurse With Wound

2008-02-17 09:58:55 ET

I got your card, it's marvelous.

2008-02-17 10:14:14 ET

glad you like it :)

2008-02-17 10:56:55 ET

also, I'll have to find a more efficient process of getting these cards out next year
cutting things out with x-acto blades takes me quite some time

2008-02-17 11:02:15 ET

use teeny tiny scissors?

2008-02-17 11:06:18 ET

Well, I was thinking of doing something more print-based and with Polaroids.

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