somnambulist by the sea
2008-02-23 23:56:23 ET

uncertain - somnambulist 1

something of an improvised piece that I did on ableton today
I really like a number of the sounds here, most of which were sample based.
It has something of an ominous, mysterious sound. :)

I am wearing a hoodie because of, er, dooooooooooooom.

2008-02-24 11:44:58 ET

that's creepy. i like.

2008-02-24 14:33:12 ET


here's an mp3 of it

2008-02-24 15:53:27 ET

what else do you have on your website?
anything yet?

2008-02-24 15:57:28 ET

nah, not really, other than misc. music by others, and a few tracks by myself
I haven't been working on it at all :/

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