music recommendations
2008-03-01 08:53:31 ET

Hey folks! I need some music recommendations and stuff.
I tend to listen to a few musicians over and over, which I think is fine really, but I'd like to try out some other things as well.
Here's a top 15 list of musicians I listen to most, according to my

Current 93
Nurse With Wound
Throbbing Gristle
Pan Sonic
Andrew Liles
Carter Tutti
Psychic TV
The Threshold Houseboys Choir
The Third Eye Foundation
Death in June

You sort of get the idea, I suppose.
List some recommended albums whilst listing artists if you do so.

Also, the Sunn O))) meets Nurse With Wound collaboration, The Iron Soul Of Nothing, is brilliant. Though it's credited as a remix of Sunn O)))'s OO Void, it is completely different from the original and is both beautiful and unsettling at times. It's a bit similar to the ambient recordings of Soliloquy For Lilith. There's even sounds from Nurse's ...I Am Blind as well as recordings of breaking glass.

2008-03-01 13:40:17 ET

What SPK, Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, and Neubauten have you heard?

You could also try delving into krautrock, as alot of those bands heavily influenced some of the experimental industrial bands(I think Blixa has said that Can was the biggest influence on Neubauten, for example).

2008-03-01 16:38:06 ET

I was about to drop the link to HB & I's last rec discussion:

You can find it 'ere:

2008-03-01 17:19:21 ET

I've made the switch to Metal.
More specifically Folk-Metal.
And it is awesome.


Awesome stuff.
You might like it.

2008-03-01 18:32:39 ET

Speaking of that thread, SD, how far have you gotten?

2008-03-02 07:33:50 ET

HB: I've listened to much of SPK's work and I very much like them. :) I just haven't listened to them in a while I suppose. Same for Neubauten perhaps, though you should recommend specific albums for me to listen to (perhaps again). I have not listened to much Cabaret Voltaire or Clock DVA though. I've been meaning to look into krautrock for while now, so I'll have to see about actually listening to some Can. Though lately, and for the most part, I tend to lean more towards to experimental/industrial-related/etc. artists who have produced more recent works of such nature. But much thanks again, I'll have to look into some of those. My name on soulseek is Chaostrophy, though I'm not on too often.

structure: Much thanks for the link, I was actually thinking about that whilst originally writing this. I'll have to invest upon that as well.

Ekim: I'm quite picky about metal, or anything with guitars for that matter, but I'll go check it out still. I'm quite a fan of hurdy gurdies.

2008-03-02 09:03:29 ET

Eluveitie is awesome, and one of the girls in the band (the younger, hotter one) plays the Hurdy Gurdy.

2008-03-03 02:45:59 ET

HB: I'm up as far as Jesu. I had to put it on hold due to a change in my living situation.

2008-03-04 21:48:23 ET

Here's a reason to listen to Folk-Metal.

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