Thomas Ligotti - The Bells Will Sound Forever
2008-08-10 15:37:06 ET

His hands trembled as he found all sorts of odd disguises lying about the floor or draped across a wardrobe mirror, elaborate and clownish outfits in rich velvets and shiny, colorful satins. Rummaging among this delirious attic-world, Crumm finally found what he barely knew he was seeking. There it was, buried at the bottom of one of the largest trunks--a fool's motley complete with soft slippers turned up at the toes and a two-pronged cap that jangled its bells as he pulled it over his head. The entire suit was a mad patchwork of colored fabrics and fitted him perfectly, once he had removed all of the clothing he wore as a commercial agent. The double peaks of the fool's cap resembled the twin horns of a snail, Crumm noticed when he looked at his image in the mirror, except that they drooped this way and that whenever he shook his head to make the bells jangle. There were also bells sewn into the turned-up tips of the slippers and hanging here and there upon the body of the jester's suit. Crumm made them all go jingle-jangle, he explained to me, as he pranced before the wardrobe mirror gazing upon the figure that he could not recognize as himself, so lost was he in a world of feelings and impulses he had never before imagined. He no longer retained the slightest sense, he said, of his existence as a traveling commercial agent. For him, there was now only the jester's suit hugging his body, the jingle-jangle of the bells, and the slack face of a fool in the mirror.

2008-08-10 16:22:03 ET

In what capacity has he worked with David Tibet?

2008-08-10 17:15:46 ET

The work between the two started with In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land, a collection of four short stories with an ambient soundtrack of sorts done by Current 93. This particular collection of stories have a strongly dreary and dreamlike quality to them. Then there is I Have A Special Plan For This World, an experimental piece with Tibet reading the poem with music going about at the same time, and This Degenerate Little Town, a reading by Thomas Ligotti himself with a minimal audio backing. In addition, Ligotti contributes musically to "A Dream Of TheInmostLight" from the Foxtrot compilation, and appears briefly at the end of Patripassian reading an excerpt of his. It should also be noted that "The Frolic" is also based around a story of his.

Tibet has also published a number of things by Ligotti on Durtro Press.

2008-08-10 23:20:17 ET

Very interesting. Are any of his works still in print, or readily available?

2008-08-11 06:29:19 ET

Teatro Grottesco will be republished in the US this September, though has already been released in the UK. You could perhaps purchase it through a UK site, or ebay.

also, here's a .pdf of In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land

and the soundtrack by Current 93

very much recommended

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