Andrei Tarkovsky - Stalker
2009-03-08 09:10:29 ET

lovely film

2009-03-18 13:43:42 ET

Check out Solaris.

2009-03-20 18:25:33 ET

I shall. :V
I haven't been so moved by a film before, so I'll have to see all of his stuff eventually.

Also, have you listened to any Arvo Part before? I think you'll like his work.

2009-03-21 09:31:19 ET

I have to have heard Part at some point, as his name has popped up over the years, but I can't remember what I've heard, so recommend some songs and albums for me.

2009-03-24 16:16:52 ET

Any of his albums/songs are quite good, but Arbos, Tabula Rasa, and Da Pacem are good starting points.

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