another weekend in Hyndman
2002-06-23 08:31:04 ET

Here is yesterday......

So, yeah, I went to see AJ agian, I took my lil' bro along this time. Cause now he has a chick out there. AJ was suppose to be playing D&D or some shit like that. And I tried to call and no one answered. So I hung out with Ryan and Ashley. Then I tried back later, and he was home. So I went to his house and left my bro and his women be. By the time AJ and I got to his house, we were like all hot and sweaty,it was gross, I felt gross. So we hung out in the living room, watching A Knights Tale, to cool down.Then we went out to his garage.... ( and everyone should know what goes on out there). So yeah, then after all of that we walked around some more, to smoke a cig. Then came back to his house. We were hot and sweaty agian. We ate hot dogs, then went in to his room and put all of his CDs in the right cases.Then we did some stuff I can't remember right now. Then we went to walk around agian. This time when we came back we were grossly sweaty and shit. Yuck. then we watched TV for awhile. Then Nina came and picked me up, then we went to pick up my bro, and came home.

And the today....
Watching Ninas kitten while shes at work.And looking at my friend Teddys page! the music actully works, well thats about all for now kids! check back later for more!

2002-06-24 09:28:14 ET

sounds like a fun filled day.

2002-06-24 11:54:26 ET


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