damn thing didn't hurt anything, it didn't deserve to die!!.....
2002-06-24 12:03:37 ET

Well, My mom called and woke me up this morning, to tell me to do laundry. Then she's like " NiCole, I have some bad news"..heart stopped and I was like " what?"..and shes like " Well, your dad heard your duck making all kinds of noise last night, and well, your duck is dead"...and I was hoping it wasn't the one AJ got me, Sydney, the gray one..so I was like " Which one?" and she goes " The big one. the gray one"...and then I cried, cause I was attached to that one. I raised it from a little duckling. It sux. I hate living in the woods. Cause if its not someone "accidently" shooting your pets, its a fuckin wild animal!. She really didn't deserve to die, she was a good duck. Damn blood hungry beast!!

2002-06-24 19:01:55 ET

oh man that sux.. im sowwy about your duck. i bet having a pet duck would be rad../

2002-06-24 19:04:33 ET

It was...I have 2 left...but Sydney was special...my boifriend AJ got her for me for easter. 1st really meaningful thing I ever got from a boifriend..

2002-06-24 19:13:32 ET

o man, i wish i had a boy that would give me a duck../

2002-06-24 19:14:23 ET

Hehe...ducks are fun and cute.

2002-06-25 07:06:13 ET

people shoot yor pets!??!
you should find their clothes line and cut holes into their sheets!!

2002-06-25 07:14:18 ET

Sometimes...but something ate my duck, it could be a mountian lion, fox,bear, huge fuckin cat,coyote anything that eats animals.

2002-06-25 07:50:03 ET

how shitty is that. sorry girl

2002-06-25 07:54:40 ET

Its ok, I just got too attached to it, too fast..

2002-06-25 11:40:01 ET

Awww, sorry about your duck. :(

2002-06-25 11:44:43 ET

I am too. It died a horrible death. It was murdered. If it would've like died of a stoke or something I'd feel alittle better. But its ok...AJ is right, you can't expect things to live forever.

2002-06-25 17:20:03 ET

I had a pet duck once. It always attacked people that walked past my house, so we had to give it away.

2002-06-25 19:03:45 ET

That sux..

2002-06-25 19:30:54 ET

the animal kingdom is never kind....

just watch nova or discovery for five minutes, and you'll see something cute ripped to shreds by something huge and muscular....

2002-06-25 19:46:53 ET

I know..watch all the time...

2002-06-26 15:33:13 ET

ya really, who needs reality t.v. when theres nova.....

; }

2002-06-26 17:53:53 ET


2002-06-27 11:23:15 ET

My mom once had a pet duck... the neighbors stole it and ate it

2002-06-27 12:14:16 ET

i used to have a chicken.....but dux are soo much cooler
*maddie cries for the duck* sorry to hear bout that :(

2002-06-27 12:18:13 ET

Damn it! Whatever got Sydney, got another one last night! Fucker! I think Imma sit outside all night and wait for it, and then when it goes to eat my other duck, Imma kill it, shoot it with my dads sawed off shotgun!

2002-06-27 12:27:29 ET


2002-06-27 12:33:32 ET

Hell yeahs!...I hate it when something or someone kills my animals. Now I only have one duck left, and its lonely, so its probably gunna die from depression, (i have finches that did that once).

2002-06-27 13:13:55 ET

:( *maddie weeps for the future of the duck*

maybe u ought to find it a friend?
mychicken was good friends with a duck

2002-06-27 15:38:04 ET

get some more baby duckies for him!!

but first things, first....
a. grab the sawed off shot gun
b. use it
'nough said

2002-06-27 18:44:22 ET

..I brought it inside..and put it in the basement...tomorrow I'm taking it to Nina's she has a pond, and big ducks that will protect it

2002-06-27 19:00:09 ET

Good idea!
Gotta have a big protecter duck around!

2002-06-27 19:04:28 ET

yes...SiS you are my protecter!

2002-06-27 19:34:07 ET

That's right, everyone step back! :P

2002-06-27 19:41:19 ET

:D...yay! You can keep me innocent....umm yeah..

2002-06-27 23:13:12 ET

i think that you picked the wrong protector then, punky kittie!

-as always, lol, sis-

2002-06-28 08:21:22 ET

yay! another duck problem solved and the world is now safe once again for dux to......to do whatever it is that dux do......

2002-06-28 08:37:41 ET

haha, awww I'm a good mama protecter. Just like you Still do I Dream :)

2002-06-28 09:09:05 ET

OooOo StillDoIDream...you can be my protecter too. Then I'll have lots o protection!

2002-06-28 11:40:30 ET

an army

2002-06-28 17:06:14 ET

i completely respect your mommyhood and know that you can only be the bestest of best of protectors!!!!!

and maddie...what an army it will be...

; }

2002-06-28 18:04:06 ET

Ok...I'm now looking for people to become my protector..please fill out an application Which tells the following:

Do you have any kids?

How old are you?

How tall are you?

Do you do many drugs?

Are you a drunken alcoholic?

Do you like animals?

Short Essay: On why I want to be The Protector of NiCole and Why I think I'd be good at this Job:

2002-06-28 18:26:03 ET


too many questions!!!!
i think i will have to apply when i have more time....
until then, i will be more then happy to work as a mercenary!

2002-06-29 05:27:25 ET

Hehe...You and SiS are the Comanding Protectors...

2002-06-29 05:58:52 ET

ure army neeeeeeds..
a) a name
b) a flag

2002-06-30 18:55:55 ET

SiS can make that stuff

2002-07-07 10:36:48 ET

cool go 4 it

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