My bum hurts.....
2002-06-26 08:43:48 ET

Nina and I took her daughter JadeLynn swimming. Well I got out of the pool for a min. then when to get back in...and I slipped and fell on the top step on may ass. Oh god did it hurt. Now I have a briuse on my bum. And it hurts, I couldn't sleep on my back cause they way my ass would touch the bed, if fuckin hurt and still does. Oh well, didn't wake up will 1:00pm today..and I'm hungry! Oh I now have HTML links on my page, thanx to the help of SiS and Heather yesterday!...Thank you guys!

2002-06-26 08:48:50 ET

sucks about your bum. im sorry.

go you on HTML links. now your page is better than mine =) hahaha.

woohoo im on the kids that are fun to chat it up with hehe

2002-06-26 08:50:16 ET

:D..hehe..yup yup!

2002-06-26 09:28:37 ET

i have a bruise on my leg too..doesnt hurt, but i dont remember gettin it...oh i just babbling to fill up space now..ok that is all

2002-06-26 12:42:41 ET

haha...yeah..bruises on me usually don't hurt, but this one does..

2002-06-26 12:53:56 ET

i have a ton of bruises on my legs from about a month ago, when i went nuts and tried to clean every inch of my house and moved shit around.
your email should say <-a href=""->e-mail me!<-/a->
minus the hypens, of course. html is a big ol' bitch i'd like to slap sometimes.

2002-06-26 12:56:00 ET

cool..thanx! you've helped me once agian!

2002-06-26 20:14:11 ET

i feel loved b/c of linkage. heather also helps me with HTML :*)

2002-06-26 20:25:55 ET

i barely help though because i get frustrated with it as well, then i sign offline and cool down for awhile.
yep, it just gets THAT bad. :(

2002-06-26 21:02:29 ET

damn HTML. sometimes i wish i knew it...and than sometimes im glad i dont so i dont get frustrated...but than i dont get to do cool stuff on my page..ahh

2002-06-27 10:08:45 ET

hehe..its ok its ok..I almost gave up on it..

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