2002-06-27 10:48:26 ET

2002-06-28 09:40:51 ET

oooh look at the x's

2002-06-28 11:50:37 ET

mmm, x's are hot, but there should be 3 so you can signify porn or stright edge. i love how those 2 thing are so different and can both be XXX.

2002-06-28 13:54:27 ET

or, like in the old times, xxx on a bottle!

2002-06-28 18:05:37 ET

hehe.. it was suppose to be some pictures..but they didn't work right..:(

2002-06-28 18:13:12 ET

what were they of?

2002-06-28 18:16:01 ET

Just alittle art work I did.

2002-07-03 09:06:43 ET

ahh it wont let me show the pics...but im sure 'its' great

2002-07-03 15:41:59 ET

yeah.,..I gues it is..

2002-07-04 07:53:00 ET

whats it of?

2002-07-06 08:54:55 ET

I'm some things I did with pictures of The Crow. I have this very odd obssession with that movie,,

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