Bored again..
2002-07-01 16:08:40 ET

Yeah, so I'm sitting here with my friend Sarah. We have been soo fuckin bored all day. I'm a bad entertainer. I'm tired and I entertained her last night, so really nothing else to do. Can't swim, nieghbors aren't home. nothing to do nothing to do. I feel bad, cause shes soo bored...We've done a total of NOTHING today. Well I hung up clothes and she made mac and cheese thats about it. Bored bored bored.

2002-07-01 16:14:51 ET is what i do...ALL THE TIME....

to me, it sounds like a kick ass day

2002-07-01 16:17:15 ET

haha...oh in my pants...

2002-07-01 16:18:01 ET

good times...always...good times

2002-07-01 16:21:02 ET

lol..yes yes......theres alway a party in my pants.

2002-07-01 16:21:52 ET

you can just call me miss party pants...haha..

2002-07-01 16:22:26 ET

can't ya tell I'm bored

2002-07-01 16:25:03 ET

hmm...NO, your bored? wanna hang out? heh...we can listen to "Die, Die my darlin'" together....

2002-07-01 16:26:34 ET

yay! I love that song! I'll wear my "die die my darlin'" misfits shrt to match!

2002-07-01 16:28:43 ET

SWEET! I want to get the shirt with the big your kick ass back ground

2002-07-01 16:39:18 ET

haha...I have that shirt too...hehe..I like the misfits..they are an awesome band..they have twisted wierd lyrics with catchy punk beats and shit..its awesome

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