Punk Rock Show @ The Mouse Trap
2002-07-06 12:41:01 ET

Punk Rock Show
@ The Mouse Trap

Message from my boyfriend:
hey fuckers,
got some good news. BBB is having the cd release for Emo Sucks/Bordem Lurks at The Mouse Trap in Bedford, PA with:
Mean Streak, Speedie Green, and The Spit Valves
The show starts at 7 o'clock and costs five bux. BBB cds will cost 6 bux. please please show up to the show. The Mouse trap needs money to pay off insurance or else they won't be able to have shows there ne more. bring as many people as possible

Get on Main street in Bedford, PA and take a LEFT at the SECOND traffic light. After you take the left, look on your left for lots of posters!

See ya in the pit!

2002-07-06 20:00:32 ET

if i lived in PA, i would be there so i could get out of this fucking house.

2002-07-06 20:08:02 ET

haha..you could even live in MD and still go..

2002-07-06 20:10:29 ET

hahaha...well if i lived in MD i would go to.

2002-07-06 20:12:59 ET


2002-07-06 20:16:20 ET

but its kind of hard when im 3000 miles away. sooner or later im moving to the east coast.

2002-07-06 20:21:08 ET

yeah..then we can hang..in my crib yo

2002-07-06 20:21:40 ET

alright yo, i'll remember that :) im out!

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