I'm back after 3 days, I'm home.
2002-07-12 13:42:02 ET

Ok, if you wonder where I was..well I was at AJs. We went to a show hung out and stuff. I'll tell you more about it later..right now, I have to go. I have shit to do.

2002-07-13 23:25:46 ET

Go get it done! Hurry now. ;)

2002-07-14 18:27:19 ET

I really don't feel like typing all of that...ALOT went on.. oh, but I made a webpage SiS..its shitty..but its my 1st one

2002-07-14 18:34:35 ET

Where is it? and good for you for trying!

2002-07-14 18:39:58 ET

http://www.geocities.com/gutter_queen77/innocent thats it.. and thank you..I thought I'd give it a whirl. so there it is..done out of boredom..

2002-07-14 18:43:51 ET

Yay! You did a good jod. :)

2002-07-14 19:21:36 ET

thank you much..but you must sign the guestbook..it would be an honor :D

2002-07-14 19:26:12 ET

Signed! ;)

2002-07-14 19:27:32 ET


2002-07-14 19:27:49 ET

thanx! :D :D :D :D

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