2002-07-16 19:32:38 ET

I am 55% Tortured Artist

Art is significant in my life, people are scum but I have the capicity to deal with it. Give it a few more years and I will either forget about art or hate the world.

Take the Tortured Artist Test at fuali.com

2002-07-16 19:37:49 ET

I got 68%

2002-07-16 19:40:06 ET

I'm not a tortured as you :(

2002-07-16 19:41:54 ET

its ok.. i dont own a tv or a computer.. i just use my sisters or my parents.. :( and i dont have a tv.. well not one with accuall channals.. just vcr and dvd.. and its not mine.. so yeah.. it is funny

2002-07-16 19:45:21 ET


2002-07-16 19:47:14 ET

yeah.. :).. its just funny thinking about it.. this time next year.. all i will have is a computer and a bed.. :( i am scared to move away to college

2002-07-16 19:56:34 ET


2002-07-16 20:31:58 ET

I am 30% Tortured Artist

I have some artistic ability, but it is probably a hobby and doesn't drive my life into a dark abysmal hole were I am alone and against the world.

Take the Tortured Artist Test at fuali.com

2002-07-17 07:03:43 ET

Yeah.. i am so tortured.. yeah.. hehe

2002-07-18 09:34:37 ET

haha..yeah..SiS, you should be tortured.,..cause ytou are such a fuckin great artist!

2002-07-18 13:00:19 ET


2002-07-18 13:21:06 ET

yup...my dad is like really inlove with one of my watercolors that I did. He says its great..and I think it looks like a little kid painted it.

2002-07-18 15:38:28 ET

hehe.. thats ok.. Art is beautiful.. no matter what..

2002-07-19 12:02:33 ET


2002-07-19 13:32:53 ET

Yay for art

2002-07-22 11:02:29 ET


2002-07-28 14:05:06 ET


2002-07-28 14:07:39 ET


2002-07-28 14:09:18 ET

WOW... that is so cool :)

2002-07-28 14:13:18 ET

Now where did the left side and right side go? :P

2002-07-28 14:19:00 ET

i dont know.. may be they left town???

2002-07-28 15:24:03 ET


2002-07-28 15:24:48 ET

No you look left to me...hhmmmmm. :P

2002-07-28 15:25:52 ET

haha..no no..i'm right..maybe I'm backwards?

2002-07-28 19:02:51 ET

hum.. well i am the back.. SiS is the front, and Pk is backwards?

2002-07-28 19:07:18 ET

eh, yea...i suppose..maybe sideways or insideout..

2002-07-28 19:12:47 ET

yeah.. but still where is right and left?

2002-07-28 19:16:09 ET

I dunno..

2002-07-29 15:32:49 ET


2002-07-29 16:01:32 ET

dun dun dun

2002-07-29 18:29:05 ET

and the plot thickens

2002-07-30 06:25:10 ET

dun dun dun DUHHHHH

2002-07-30 09:31:10 ET

Hey where did the to and bottom go, too? hhhmmm......

2002-07-30 09:57:04 ET

i wonder...
**ponders deeply**

2002-07-30 10:09:34 ET

top* and bottom
Yes so am I *deep thought, oh ouch*

2002-07-30 10:56:21 ET

haha..I can see the smoke..

2002-07-30 11:46:39 ET

gah.. my brain is leaking.. hehe.. jk.. but you know that would be kinda creepy..

2002-07-30 12:59:05 ET

yes it would..

2002-07-30 13:56:35 ET


2002-07-30 14:02:41 ET


2002-07-30 14:08:15 ET

I wanna kill my lil cousin...I fuckin hate her and I'm fuckin glad shes leaving!!!!

2002-07-30 19:31:24 ET

Hum.. children are fun.. well yeah.. some are then there are the spoild type.. but its great... i like kids.. maybe some day i may want some.. hummm

2002-07-31 08:40:49 ET

haha...just hope they are never like her..

2002-07-31 10:52:25 ET

yeah.. thats a good good idea

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