a visit at the health department....
2002-07-18 09:57:24 ET

Ok I went to the health department today, cause Im going to get on some form of birth control. And I got my blood taken and had to watch a video. Well 2 of them. And answer 1 million questions. Well look at this shit. I'm probably getting on the shot. And the shot booklet has a chart. So here. I'm going to give you the best to least effective forms of birth control...
1) Male Sterilization |
2) Female Sterilization ||
3) Depo-Provera shot ||
4) Norplants ||
5) Pill ||||
6) IUD ||||
7) Condom ||||||||
8) Diaphram(w/spermc.) |||||||||||
9) Cervical Cap |||||||||||
10)Withdrawl |||||||||||
11)Periodic Abstinence |||||||||||||
12)Spermicide Alone ||||||||||||||
13)Vaginal Sponge ||||||||||||
14)No Method ||||||||||||||||||||||||

Yeah, so thats how it goes. Pretty odd. If you have any questions about this I can answer them! So yeah, me and my friend Nina took a trip the health department. Pretty interesting, we take anothe r trip next week on the 26th, so I'll tell you about that one too.

2002-07-18 10:03:18 ET

not that this really had anything to do with anything. but my name is nicole and i have a chiwawa, or however you spell that. so yeah..

2002-07-18 10:05:58 ET

haha..yeah.. thats cool! How do you spell your name. Mines NiCole...a capital "C", my moms a crackhead.

2002-07-18 10:09:20 ET

really? ...haha..no mines just Nicole

2002-07-18 10:13:08 ET

yeah..hehe..awesome though..

2002-07-18 10:16:48 ET

depo will fuck you up! it'll fuck with your moods, its not a good idea!

2002-07-18 10:17:18 ET

Yup :)

2002-07-18 10:23:46 ET

Depo is weird, I'm on it right now and it does make your pms a lot worse and you can have mood swings but it keeps you safe. It also usually takes away your period! YAY. The worst part is when you stop taking it your body takes forever to readjust.

2002-07-18 10:24:58 ET

its just not good.
it fucks the body up!

2002-07-18 10:27:00 ET

It's not hurting me so far, and it's the easiest, safest birthcontrol around.

2002-07-18 10:29:42 ET

its not THAT safe as you think, and whatch it be like the weight loss drugs like fen fen, watch it give cancer, the same way the pilll duz, or blood clots if you smoke while on the pill

2002-07-18 10:32:20 ET

I heard about Depo? is it like a shot...or what....

2002-07-18 10:33:07 ET

I don't smoke because I'm not a moron. I'm healthy and I know that while getting off the shot is trying on your body for a few months that is well worth knowing I will not get preggers. Nothing gives cancer, it just makes the cancer cells grow. But I have annual visits where they make sure nothing is wrong with me and so far nothing has been. I'd rather have the small risk of an ailment then bringing a child into this world or having an abortion.

2002-07-18 10:34:10 ET

its a shot. i have friend who is on it, she had a problem where that time of the month be came the month.

2002-07-18 10:34:36 ET

Depo is a shot you get every three months and it's really effective. It does however give you mood swings and is hard on your body (readjusting) when you stop taking it, but it can also get rid of your period and is over 99.7 percent efective.

2002-07-18 10:35:17 ET

Yeah, usually you have a couple 1-4 week long periods, but they go away after your second or third shot.

2002-07-18 10:37:00 ET

i heard otherwise from those who use it, i heard 87 percent safe and stuff, and the condom should still be used, then again im a guy plus i dont remeber so well

2002-07-18 10:39:41 ET

it is 97. something I know for sure, I just a shot last week and they always go over the stuff with you. It can go down a few percent if you are off a couple of days on when you get it. They only recoment a condom if you aren't in a monogomous relationship or your partner hasn't been tested.

2002-07-18 10:44:15 ET


2002-07-18 13:26:55 ET

Delete Yourself= its 99% safe.But thanx for sharing side effects.And Everything can give you cancer, has side effects and can kill you.

personal note: I don't give a fuck if it take my period away..thats great, and I don't want a baby, and my b/f hates condoms. I hate foam, and I ca't remember to take those damn pills. So I'm going on the shot. I have really bad cramps, and I'm already moody. And I get super heavy week to 2 week periods, so if Depo takes that away, I'm taking Depo.

2002-07-18 14:05:51 ET

The period going away is great. At first it won't take it away, it takes about 4 months but it IS worth it.

2002-07-18 18:30:14 ET

Yes,Ithinkg so!

2002-07-19 08:57:40 ET

month long periods...*dies* no depo. i'ma gonna just get that pill

2002-07-19 11:55:11 ET

Pills do the same thing. It just depends. Peoples bodys are differen't and react to things in different ways.

2002-07-19 14:15:57 ET

hmmm i think i shouldent have butted my nose here cuz i have a penis

2002-07-20 10:11:53 ET

probably so.

The pill usually doesn't take away your period unless you are 1. just lucky 2. a small girl It will make them really acurate and only about 3 days long and very light.

2002-07-22 11:03:22 ET

Yeah..you have a penis..your a guy and you don't have to deal with this....oh well..

2002-07-22 16:53:39 ET

ya i know im lucky kinda, then again if i get a boner i lose power to my brain

2002-07-22 17:16:12 ET

LOL...they all do.

2002-07-23 06:26:33 ET

ya but im one of those kind caring dudes thats not emo and it sux cuz ya anyway i hate it when that happens, i worse when you see it happening to you and cant do shit about it

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