2002-07-18 13:48:14 ET

What Spooky Being are You?

2002-07-19 00:04:12 ET

so very interesting.

2002-07-19 11:53:52 ET

yes yes..

2002-07-22 11:18:05 ET

dear nicole,
im writing you a letter cause u said you wanted it, so feel special! haha. i haven't tried your quizes on this post yet...probably because im lazy. but thats alright. haha im so bored right now im watching the cosby show...what has become of me?? hah. *red stains*

2002-07-22 11:22:54 ET

Dear Michelle(?),
I do feel special!hehe.Most of my quizes are pretty lame, I only do them because I am bored. I'm always bored. Right now I'm dying or thrist because their is nothing to drink in my house. Its hot outside. I got more sunburned then yesterday.Cosby Show, eh? Use to watch it all the time when I was little. heh. x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-22 11:28:35 ET

dear nicole,
yup my name is michelle. im taking summer school right now for oac chemistry...i hate it hardcore x10! but anywho...he was talking to me and he said he didn't know my name and so he guessed michelle. that was cool. i guessed 10 names before he gave up and told me what his name was...but now i forget it again. haha no...there really isn;t a point of this story just in case u were looking for one! i love quizes on here, especially the funny crazy ones like 'what type of shit would ya be' yea it sure is hot outside! got milk? haha i hate milk, plus it'd be extra grose since its so hot out, i always crave water or koolaid when im hot. i hate sunburns...i wish they turned to tans...thats the least they can do! haha yea the cosby show is so 80's! i used to watch shows like polkadot door and todays special when i was younger. haha oh yea! *red stains*

2002-07-22 14:31:33 ET

Dear Michelle,
Nice story, I'm just lost. Yeah quizes are fun-O.Milk is great! I love milk. I've been craving it and drinking it like its going out of style for 2 months now. And I keep eating pickles with ranch dip. And people were saying I might be pregnant, which I'm not because I took a H.P.T last night and it said I wasen'tbut I'm taking a blood P.T at the health department on Friday afternoon. So I'll find out for sure. yeah..so heh.. x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-22 15:43:10 ET

dear nicole,
why are u lost? hah i've always hated milk for some queer reason...strange it is! i liked chocolate milk as a kid, but i must have had a horrible experience with it which has made me hate it...haha thats my only guess! mmmmmm pickles are great, i love them off nicely! i cant say i've tried them with ranch dip...but i like carrots with dip so why not pickles right>? yea, u'd probably know if u were pregnant, everyone that i know that got knocked up say that they knew before they took a test thaT they were pregnant...some sort of instint. one time i missed my rag for 3 months...that was scary, it must have been what i was eating. hope your not though, i mean in the future that would be great and all but im sure u dont wanna pop something outta your cunt just yet! heh *red stains*

2002-07-22 17:21:26 ET

Dear Michelle,
I was lost with the whole guy name thingy. But oh well. Maybe you got really sick from milk.You should try the ranch/pickle things something.I missed my rag for 5 months before, but they said it was becasue I was really stressed. I'd love kids in the future and so does AJ, we talked about it last night, and we hope and want to have them together, but not now, we wouldn't be ready for that. Not a little life that we have to be involved in.We are getting married in2/3 yrs. Depends on how things go. I got a ring! x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-22 17:50:40 ET

What Spooky Being are You?

2002-07-22 18:05:47 ET


2002-07-23 10:02:16 ET

dear nicole,
haha ah, i got ya. i think i confused myself on the whole guy story too since it had no relevance! yea i probably did get sick from milk or drank bad sour milk, or maybe i had a milk chug and forgot about it! hah who knows. i like your background pic...cant really see what it is, all i see is blue, which is great! ah, 5 months with no rag, that'd be fun but it'd be scary if ya didn't know it was from stress! haha ahhh you guys are planning it out, thats cool that theres still people around who are commited to eachother! im so proud. hah. *red stains*

2002-07-23 14:29:29 ET

Dear Michelle,
hehe. Maybe what happened with milk was soo bad your mind made you forget all about it. I think I have this picture in my gallery thingy. But its a picture of my b/f, hes inverted.hahaha.Yeah, it was nice not having a rag, but scary. Thank you for being proud. Doesn't it make you tear up and get that funny " my lil girls all grown up" feeling?? hehe, x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-23 17:27:43 ET

dear nicole,
how long have u and your boyfriend been going out? he's got nifty hair thats for sure! yea thats why im looking forward to being really old, i wont get my rag...plus i'll get to wear a diaper! and if wearing a daiper is wrong then baby i dont wanna be right! hahah *red stains*

2002-07-23 17:36:55 ET

Dear Michelle,
AJ and I have been "courtin'" (hahaha) for a year and almost 7 months now. Yeah, its like lots of mini mohakws right now.. hes got wierd ways of doing things. Hahahaha...you can pee yourself and feel the warmth like when you were a babe. haha..thats all funny..haha.. x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-23 17:43:45 ET

dear nicole,
courting? haha i love it! me and my boy toy have been together for a little over 2 years now...but we broke up a few times for a short amount, but we dont count that time cause it'd fuck up our anniversary date...and frankly that wouldn't be too convienient! hahaha pee yourself? oh my! *red stains*

2002-07-23 17:50:30 ET

Dear Michelle,
AJ and I broke up for a short amount to, and we don't count it either. It'll be 2 years January 5th. Yes, pee yourself..and other people have to change it. Hehe. Hey! we should have a Depends party! you me Cyndi and whoever else. Drink beer and piss ourselves while wearing out depends.But does that all "depend" on what you are doing? hehe..x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-24 09:48:26 ET

Dear Nicole,
haha yea it would be fun peeing myself and having others change it. oh mY! im gonna be a nurse when im older for the elderly so im gonna be changing their diapers hopefully! hah. yea breaking up is part of every good relationship! hah. a depends par-tay would be so great, i cant wait! it'll be like a tea party but better! haha drum roll! *red stains*

2002-07-24 12:20:12 ET

Dear Michelle,
haha..yes Depends Party!! haha.. I don't think I could change big people diapers. I can do babies..and thats it.Hmm...I didn't like the whole break-up thing with me and AJ cause it was my fault.. x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-24 16:35:43 ET

dear nicole,
haha its all about changing diapers! its gonna be nasty when they cum themselves or some shit though and i gotta change that, haha my friend told me horror stories about it! yea its usually me who does the breaking up, i get pissed off too easily, but he's understanding. haha yea babies i could probably change too..but wouldn't wanna. *red stains*

2002-07-24 16:41:51 ET

Dear Michelle,
Haha, cum diapers! LOL...what kinda horror stories?? I wannna hear some! hahaha Baby diapers are soo easy. It only stinks when they are eating people food. Can you imagine what a 75 yr olds diaper would smell like?? YUCK! x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-24 16:45:54 ET

dear nicole,
haha horror stories like people cuming themselves and making u clean it up, and shitting themselves and trying to eat it. those are just the crazy ones though. i'll get more stories to tell ya if ya want. *red stains*

2002-07-24 16:48:23 ET

Dear Michelle,
That is wierd. I do wanna know more. I'm a wierdo, have you ever seen any of the FACES OF DEATH movies? x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-24 17:00:53 ET

haha no, whats it about??

2002-07-24 17:06:52 ET

Dear Shell,
Faces of Death is a sick movie. If you like horror movies this is one, but none that you see on these movies are fake. You are seeing real live murders, deaths,taped. These movies are banned in 36 countries, but not here, because we are sick people. The movies are very sick. It will leave you sick to your stomache, not because to the blood and gruesom footage but of how fucked up the world is. Well it will also make you sick because of the footage if you have a weak stomache. The movies will make you pissed off, digusted, upset and sad. Its horrible, I've only seen one movie and thats more than you'd ever want. I saw this movie unaware of what was in it. x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-24 17:14:54 ET

dear nicole,
oh i love whore...i mean horror movies. haha yea! i love really cheesy 80's b rated horrors the best! are u serious? they actually let people tape that shit? where do u live? yea i probably wou;ldn't wanna watch it cause it'd make me feel all wierd. i'd feel too guilty for watching it. good thing ya didn't know what it was though! thats alright then. hah *red stains*

2002-07-24 17:15:59 ET

dear michelle and nicole,
im just being random.hehe..thats all..good bye =)

2002-07-24 17:27:49 ET

Dear Shell,
Hell yeah I'm serious. I live in Maryland. I think is horrible people can sell the shit to kids under 18! it should be banned!! I do feel bad for watching it. After that I realize why my parents are always up my ass and sheltering me for things. x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-25 12:36:03 ET

hear cyndi,
hahaha stay out of this! just kidding. being random is cool....beats doing stuff!

dear nicole,
ah man thats crazy about the tape thing though. maryland eh? right on....im by toronto..in cananda. oh yea! man if i was sold that tape under 18 i'd puke myself...i'd probably puke myself now too. one time my friend sent me a pic of some guy in a poor country getting his head sawed off...it was a video. i thought it was fake but then he told me it was real and i felt sick! *red stains*

2002-07-25 13:12:51 ET

Dear Shell,
Yeah, I wanna puke myself just knowing I watched it and it was real. With the wholoe head sawed off thing..thats exactly what goes on in this tape, I didn't think it was real either, but it is. Its soo sad, how fucked up the world is. If there is such thing as a GOD then he is gunna do some major clean-up soon. Cause I think this would piss that guy off. x~PunkKitten~x

2002-07-25 17:19:50 ET

haha i know eh, i think it just might. i think theres something about not killing people on tape somewhere in Gods rules

2002-07-25 17:22:07 ET

lol..yeah...me too...

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