crazy shiznitz...
2002-07-22 18:08:42 ET

You know you want to have my baby,
Put a dildo in his ass, maybe..
Hear him scream your name
While hes pleasuered in pain,
The moan of the groan,
Is nothing to the gain of the pain,
While he sticks it in you push it out,
As he gets frustrated he starts to pout ,
You hear on the wall as the bed knocks,
And when it stops hes got the limp cock.
The bed knocks knocks knocks...

I'm such an odd person....

2002-07-22 18:16:47 ET

sk is cracking down on titty shots... better wach out

2002-07-22 18:23:06 ET

Oh man...they are starting to become a drag. its just cleavage.

2002-07-22 18:25:17 ET

why? its in the tos. did you not read it?

2002-07-22 18:31:17 ET

Yeah I did..

2002-07-22 18:35:06 ET

did you read the part about the sexually explicit stuff?

2002-07-22 19:05:07 ET


2002-07-22 19:57:51 ET

thats a cool pic in your backround.

2002-07-23 14:52:50 ET

thanx..its AJ, hes inverted..

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