let it work...
2002-07-23 19:36:00 ET

See that kid with the blonde hair and ripped shirt?? thats my boi..

2002-07-23 19:37:12 ET

ooh cute lucky you

2002-07-23 19:39:14 ET

yeah..I made him retire that shirt..looks like he took it from a stab victim..

2002-07-23 19:40:30 ET

lol, i just looked at your picture, and my gosh child you look like me!!! almost exactly!!! whoa!

2002-07-23 19:49:02 ET


2002-07-23 19:50:54 ET

hes beautiful :-)

2002-07-23 19:55:39 ET

serious! i mean maybe a bit different in the facial features but yeah we might be lost sisters!!! my step dad tells me i'm really May (old bitchy babysitter) and the mail man's baby and they found me in the toilet of a sinclair station... we might actually be!!!! lol

2002-07-24 09:49:34 ET

haha nice pic nicole. i love going to shows and seeing punks all torn up, means the show was good!

2002-07-24 12:32:40 ET

haha..shell= that didn't happen from the show, that happened at last years warped tour and he still wears th shirt..it hasen't even been washed since warped tour..

PunkRockgirl= haha..we might be, no one in my family has red hair, my parents say they found me in a gutter in the middle of winter...send me a pic of you..

2002-07-24 17:00:23 ET

haha oh my! my next guess was that it happened from wild sex! i haven't been to a warped tour ever, i wanna go this year though. haha a year without washing? u'd figure it'd self destruct!

2002-07-24 17:08:46 ET

HAHAHA..yeah...I'd think too, now he wont wash it because hes afraid it'll fall apart.

2002-07-24 17:11:30 ET

hahah he should just put it in a case or something and sprey it with febreez every once in a while for flavour!

2002-07-24 17:17:58 ET

hahaha...yes lucky you! now its time for cyndi to find a cute boi =)

2002-07-24 17:42:09 ET


2002-07-24 17:45:35 ET

Sometimes AJ doesn't like to bathe either..

2002-07-24 17:49:24 ET


p.s. the simpsons rock my socks!

2002-07-24 18:02:57 ET


2002-07-24 18:06:04 ET

<~~ hehe i changed my avatar

2002-07-24 18:16:57 ET

awesome possome

2002-07-24 19:32:18 ET

ok, none of my family has red hair either!!! they all have brown hair brown eyes and are able to tan and i'm red hair green eyes and have thesame coloring as a marshmellow!

2002-07-24 19:43:50 ET

haha..yes me too..well imma go to bed now..nite!

2002-07-24 19:45:34 ET

i sent you my picture

2002-07-24 19:47:37 ET

I seen it..we do look alike!!

2002-07-24 19:51:58 ET

you want really see my face but ya know, or my hari or anything ahh hell to tell ya the truth it was kjust the 1st pic i found so that's why i sent that one!

2002-07-24 19:52:11 ET

i wanna see too!

2002-07-24 19:52:56 ET

geeez....lol j/k

2002-07-24 20:26:20 ET

haha yea me too i wanna see how you guys look a like.

2002-07-25 06:04:38 ET


2002-07-25 12:57:59 ET

did someone say simpsons?? i love the simpsons. oh if only u could fuck cartoons homer would be mine...mine! haha jokes!

2002-07-25 13:18:41 ET

lol..your funny shell

2002-07-25 17:00:28 ET

that was me..i meantioned simpsons..hehe..cuz they do rock my socks!!

2002-07-25 17:25:35 ET

you guys rock my socks!!

2002-07-25 17:36:16 ET

oooh forgot to add something a looooooooooong ways back in the convo, i'm not only the mail man's baby i'm the black mail man's baby

2002-07-25 17:39:01 ET


2002-07-26 08:50:20 ET

haha they rock my socks and anything else im wearing at the time! haha, oh tv, what would i do without thee?

2002-07-26 11:27:40 ET

who knows? what would i do without the simpsons!! ack!

2002-07-27 06:59:58 ET

haha i know eh, i dont wanna think of that!

2002-07-27 10:09:56 ET

me either!! ::stops thinking about it::

whats your fav. episode?

2002-07-27 10:18:32 ET


2002-07-27 10:27:35 ET

hmm, i have a few favorites, too many to choose. hah

2002-07-27 10:28:01 ET

and hey, that wasn't stopping thinking about them...u lied!hah

2002-07-27 10:28:11 ET

hahaha yea same here...theres just TOO many..which is a good thing.

2002-07-27 10:34:34 ET

haha....I have a penis!

2002-07-27 10:41:23 ET

haha...well that was akwadrd!@

2002-07-27 10:44:44 ET

LoL, just trying to change the subject,..hehehe

2002-07-27 10:50:21 ET

haha...so...how bout that weather?

2002-07-27 10:56:04 ET

hahaha...the wheather is sunny.

how about those bears?

2002-07-27 10:56:05 ET

how bout my penis in your mouth?...hahaha..

2002-07-27 10:59:39 ET

::is scared of nicole and her penis::

2002-07-27 11:02:14 ET

hahaha....I just wondered what itd be like to say that to someone....well I'm off! byes!

2002-07-27 11:07:26 ET


2002-07-27 11:15:56 ET


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